Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Notice


So I've been noticing assholes posting stuff on my cbox the latest being:

Some Asshole Wrote:

I wanna have sex. I wanna have sex with you Habibi18

There are 2 reasons why this creeps me out:

1. I'm not someone you wanna do it with
2. This guy or girl *shudder* knows my username

Now how he/she came to know my username is a mystery....sort of. The only way they could know such a thing is if they know me and the username that I go by on most insect forums or they clicked on the link my friend ( koolkid ) posted in there.

I'm seriously hoping that it's the second one. Now onto why I posted this. I won't tolerate things like this much longer. If it continues I'll have to take the cbox down.

I don't want to do this ( for obvious reasons ). So please refrain yourselves from posting such smut and stuff on it because I want nothing to do with you perverts.

Thank you and have a nice day. Now lets get back to the bugs shall we?

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