Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stupid Cockroaches

Did I tell you lately that we've been having roach problems? Well just now a roach ( a stupid one from what my mom tells me ) was on her dresser in her room and it just sat there and "waited" for her to find something to smash the shit out of it!

But then she did mention that it was raggedy looking.....which got me thinking of course. What if it was an old roach possibly nearing the end of it's life?

And if so do they:

1. Keep their "original" alertness that they had in their "youth"?
2. Or go "loopy" and don't give a shit if you're about to smash them or not?

That's something I want to look into......Although I don't how I'd go about that. I'll try though and see what comes up.

All the roaches that I've encountered either got away or eventually died after putting up a "fight".

And all of these roaches that are in my house are German Cockroaches ( Blatella germanica ).

Expect a follow up of some sort on the nasty S.O.B's sometime soon.

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