Friday, January 08, 2010

Australian Hornet Abispa ephippium

I simply love these things. Just found out about them accidentally ( but I'm glad I did ) while researching Ropalidia wasps which came up in discussion on VL.

I found some rather substantial info on them which ironically was exactly what I was looking for because Wikipedia wasn't much of a help.

It's rather long and I haven't gotten a chance to read the whole thing but I will eventually.....

.....just not now as I have a headache and am tired and need to get to bed. XD

Abispa ephippium goes by alot of names and it's not a hornet but a member of Vespidae: Eumeninae or "Potter Wasps". You'll see when you read it. It is long I tell you but interesting indeed. Makes me happy! =)

So without further ado and delay due to my rambling here: Clicky! There are other species of Abispa mentioned in the article that I'm going to look up along with a parasitic wasps that preys on the poor pretty things.

I'll get back to you on those. And when I have more time ( like tomorrow ) I'll read it properly and tell you what I thought of it.

It's basically a recording of an observation on the species behavior. Very interesting.



azudo said...

so where did you find this imfo. i,ve been researching these creatures for days now and i can't find much on them. the reason is that these creatures are not suposed to live in southern vistoria yet i have one nesting in my front yad and she 's about 3 inches long. any imfo would be appreciated

Brittanie said...

Maybe it's a stray?

I don't know too much on these other then that they exist. XD The link that had all the info is now broken. T_T I will look for some more stuff for you.

Can you take a picture? It could also be something that looks like it.

Also try asking about them here: