Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Variable But Cute Sycamore Tussock Caterpillar

This photo showing 3 of the colors these cute non-stinging caterpillars can have is living proof that they are variable. I don't know if the moths are as well because I could only find one picture of the adult moth ( which will be posted tomorrow ). They also come in white. The adult moths sort of look like the banded tussock moth. I never knew that they also come in the color gray! I love them either way. Too bad they can be pest feeding on the leave of the London Plain Trees ( also known as sycamore trees. Not to be confused with the sycamore maple ). Notice that in all 3 colors all of them have the same orange and white tuffs of hair. The key to knowing what they are and what they aren't. =)

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