Friday, January 26, 2007

A really beautiful butterfly

I just found out about this butterfly today. Apparently there are different species because I came across another species after the first one. The one pictured here is Rhetus arcius. Then after doing a Google Search on that particular butterfly I found another one with the same genius, which is shown here along with the common name. At first I thought it was a swallowtail but when I looked at the one in the link above I saw that it had the body of a skipper butterfly.

So it's a skipper butterfly and not a swallowtail. The site I got the photo from shown here said the latin name and said it was a swallowtail butterfly when it wasn't. And I know why ( one of the MAJOR reasons is written above ):

1. As I said before the butterfly has the body of a skipper butterfly and the anntena are that of a skipper's.

2. Swallowtails usualy have the "word" Papilio as the genius in most species. But I think I may have come across a few which don't have it.

And that's my theory which I know is correct because I've seen alot of different skippers to last a life time to know the body shape and I'm only 14! Just goes to show what my love of insects can do to you! :P


Justine said...

In fact, I don't like bugs, but this butterfly is beautiful! ^_^

Brittanie said...

I know. I was shocked when I found the pic. Glad you like it! ^^