Thursday, January 18, 2007

Plant Hoppers!

These are some of my favorite insects of all time and they're so cute and colorful. My favorite family of these cuties is Ricaniidae. In this family they look like minature moths with out the feathery antennae. They resemble moth flies in size and shape ( more into those later ). Over all they are really pretty, cute, colorful, and ADORABLE! =)

Here are some links to photos of different species and info.

This one is in Chinese although they have the Chinese name next to the scientific one so it shouldn't be too hard:

I also looked on Bugguide and it only had one thing on it. Now I'm going to look for some more. When I looked one Google for photos they didn't have that many linking to sites only about this particular family. Maybe yahoo?

Well Yahoo didn't come to my rescue eather. Perhaps when I get the book that I told you about it will have more info on this particular family? I hope so. I'll keep looking.

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