Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I've come across alot of cool looking caterpillars in my life time. And I'm only 14! I remember coming across a caterpillar that looked like the one in the picture. But I'm not sure what kind it was. But it was fuzzy and cute. The one in the picture is Lophocampa maculata. I'm not sure if the one I saw outside my apartment was the same as this one. But it looked like it. The only difference was that it was a darker color and I don't think it had the white hairs around the body. Yesterday I got 2 books on insects from my mom that I was supposed to have gotten for xmas but she forgot where she hid them! So I got them yesterday. I'm also getting another one for my b-day that I really really want. I'm looking forward to getting it in my hands. They have the book www.amazon.com You'll be shocked at how many pages it has. And it's as big as your average Encyclopedia!

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