Monday, January 08, 2007

Isa Textula Caterpillar

Isa textula is another one of the stinging caterpillars that I was talking about. Isn't it cute? If only it wasn't a stinging caterpillar then I could where they live and pick one up and let it crawl on my hand.......*sighs* you can't everything in life. Oh yeah and as far as I know this caterpillar doesn't have a common name. I don't even know what it turns into! I have no idea if it's a caterpillar from a butterfly or a moth! Any way it belongs to the same order Lepidoptera. *Goes to find out more about this really cute caterpillar* EDIT: I just found out that this caterpillar turns into a moth. It belongs to the family Limacodidae.

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