Monday, January 15, 2007

H. Tessaralis

Here is a pic of the wonderful H. tessalaris which I don't know too much about at the moment. What I have noticed though is that all the adult moths of this species look very similar to eachother. And I think I know why but I have to make sure my theory is 100% correct before I share it with you. So tomorrow I'm going to do some major major MAJOR research on these moths and I'll also see if I can find pics of the larvæ of all the species that I listed in yesterday's post. Wish me luck!


thingfish23 said...

If you pinned those specimens yourself, you did a bang-up job!

Keep it up!


Brittanie said...

Thanks for the comment! I wish I did put those specimens up. This year when I go to camp I'm taking a whole bunch of cameras with me to get shots of all the pretty insects and spiders.

And then when I come home and get them developed I'll post them here. That is something I'm looking forward too!