Saturday, May 19, 2012


Paper Kite (Idea leucanoe) These were "attacking" everyone. Goodness me it was incredible. I wonder what lotion everyone was using? Mine was "tropical fruit something" :P

Last visit before closing (May 28th). was once again a breathtaking sight to be among such beautiful creatures. After I was more or less content with taking a thousand and one pictures I just "sat back" and watched them.

I'll be forever grateful for this place. It's made me "open my eyes" since apparently I was "blind" before, which is saying something since I loved them all of my life but since visiting this place I've had a brand new appreciation and love for them.

And the intensity of it is shocking. I never thought I could love something so much that it completely takes over your entire being. People yes but with people it's a bit different. *^^* At least with me Idk.........but they make me feel things that people can't. They have been there (insects in general) in ways that people as wonderful as they are cannot.

And I'm forever thankful. God bless you Lepidoptera. Now on with business!

Morpho polyphemus what an honor to hold. Had to rescue this one as one of it's wings was kinda snagged onto one of the pine tree branches. 


Once again too many to count and lots of "new species" for me AND for them as well. Had learned that many years back they had Chrysiridia rhipheus......alive in that blessed exhibit. Once again I'm speechless. I hope to one day lay eyes on this moth.

Had also asked about Entomology classes within NYC........I need to start searching CUNY website since I apparently had it all wrong. *^^* I wasn't thinking about all the "Science departments" I was looking for the word wonder.........*Excited squee*

Observed Monarch (Danaus plexippus) and Great Southern White (Ascia monuste) eclosions!! Of course I have videos which will be posted ASAP since there's so much. The Paper Kites were attacking everyone. Idk what it was......certain people's lotion or perfume? And one Heliconiid was in love with everyone too. Was flying around people like crazy.

New Additions:

1. Green Underwing (Nessaea aglaura)
2. Dero Clearwing (Dircenna dero)
3. Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae)
4. Morpho polyphemus
5. Charaxes guderiana
6. Catonephele numilia *Observed both males and females. Sexually dimorphic will be researching the entire genus Catonephele they're STUNNING!
7. Pink Rose (Atrophaneura (Pachliopta) kotzebuea)
8. Parides iphidamas
9. Atala Hairstreak (Eumaeus atala)

Parides iphidamas and Parides arcas are insanely confusing! >_< Observed both males and females of whichever Parides species was flying about. Males were often seen "chasing each other". Was told they have both arcas and iphidamas.

The Paper Kites were another story altogether. They were in love with everyone for some reason. I had stuck out my finger in an attempt to have something land on it not expecting a thing and one (Paper Kite) had just alighted on me. Came out of nowhere. ♥

1 of only God knows how many!! Uploading more pics & Vids to FB as I type this. Stay tuned for more. Aren't they gorgeous?! ♥_♥

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