Sunday, May 06, 2012

Butterflies Galore

Best. Day. Ever.

At precisely 7:00AM this morning my friend had woken me up with the best news ever. "Butterflies ("unidentified") swarming through New Jersey getting ready to come to NYC" ← This was apparently on the news. Already knowing that the red admirals were owning 2012 in other states and slowly making their way over here (had seen about 4 flitting through the city already) I was thinking that the red admirals were the "culprits" until I had asked her what type they said they were.......she said that the news people had said "unidentified".

I had to laugh. XD Don't they research? So this lead me to thinking that if by some crazy chance they weren't the red admirals.......then what were they?

So late afternoon (after the sun FINALLY came out) I took my butt down to my beloved park.....and........*big happy breath*

They. Were. Everywhere.!


I cannot stress to you how many there were. It's impossible. I counted 4 as I was entering the park and as I got further down.....forget it. XD *Happy squee* I lost count! I can definitely say early on there were "8" (4 from before and 4 flying together in some sort of territorial dance) but after that it was a no go. XD

With in the catnip bushes there were Painted & American Ladies (Vanessa cardui & V. virginiensis) and on the other side of them the red admirals (Vanessa atalanta). These particular ones were smaller then usual.......I wonder why?

Aaaaaand this one:


I once again have never seen so many.......ever. Except for maybe the Pieris rapae Mating Fest of 2011 but other then that........damn.

I'm also very pleased to report that after today's epic observations I have to add 3 new additions to the list of insects at that beloved park of mine:

American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis)
Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis) *see rant below
Mystery Syrphid Fly *see rant below

Questioning The Question Marks (Polygonia interrogationis)

If this is a Question Mark I don't remember them having green thoraxes.....0_0 Polygonia comma........I don't remember them being like this either.


Was on a dead tree sunning itself with a few admirals lazing about. Got into a "fight" with one of the said admirals and wound up chasing it out of the area before it settled back onto it's "perch" (and a mighty big perch too!). Upon taking pictures and trying to get as close as possible without scaring it I noticed it looked a little different from the Eastern Commas (Polygonia comma) that I usually see.

For one it appeared larger and it was lighter in color (the orange) and the spots are a little different. Plus the thorax is green! What in blue blazes is going on here? What is this gorgeous beauty?

Will be cropping photos later for better viewing and ID'ing. 

Mystery Syrphid Fly

A very convincing mimic of Bombus impatiens!

But this is a Syphid fly......any idea on what species? Input is greatly appreciated. =)

This was observed buzzing along with other possible Bombus impatiens. *^^* Very convincing as I had at first thought it was one of the "smaller ones" (will get into this later) until it landed and I got a piccie *^^*

Isn't it just adorable? Once again will be cropping later for better viewing and ID'ing.

Additional Observations:

Harmonia axyridis buzzing about
An Earthworm and a millipede
Tiny ground beetle of some sort
2 "Oak Gall Wasps" on the underside of a supposed Dogwood and an Oak leaf
1 Psyllobora vigintimaculata or Propylea quatourdecimpunctata *This was larger then the last 2 I observed. Idk which species is larger. X_X

One more.......♥

Stay tuned for part #2 (simply because there's so many pictures/videos)! 0_0

*Note: Click on the piccies to make them larger for better viewing/ID'ing. Until next time!

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