Monday, May 07, 2012

Butterflies Galore Part 2

Vanessa atalanta nectaring at Philidelphia Orange ("Mock Orange")

Continued from yesterday as there's just so much to show and tell. *^^*

Red admirals and the supposed Question Mark nectaring at Crabapple blossoms? 

Also a shoutout to a Mr. Khalid Fadil who I was conversing with about the supposed Question Mark who told me that the green thorax is a sign of a "fresh specimen". I didn't know this. Thank you very very much. Explains alot now.

Now all that's left is figuring out if they're definitely Question Marks and not just overly large Eastern Commas. :P

But I'm thinking they are.......I just need to see the underside of one of them to know for sure.

Older specimen

Aren't they gorgeous??? *.* Stay tuned for part 3 (YES there's THAT many)!!

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