Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Snails *^^*

Is now believed to be Mesomphix sp., Mesomphix globosus (McMillan, 1940) Globose Button Thank you David *^^*

This adorable little guy/gal (they're hermaphrodites remember?) was found perched underneath the fence wire in my beloved park and was an absolute joy to have spent time with after spoiling my mother. ^^♥

And of course the butterflies........

 "Mmmmmmmmhmmmmm it's sooooo good!!"

This one must've been starving because no matter what I did it didn't fly off like the others normally do. It just sat there sipping away while I had my hand right next to it's gorgeous face trying to see if it would crawl on me. *^^*

Aaaaand another sighting of Nymphalis antiopa!! Flying through the city while I was on my way to the park. Smh.......what a sight. Also 2 possible dragonflies too. Harmonia axyridis adults and larvae (observed newly molted larva on the underside of a leaf!!).

Never ceases to amaze me........♥ Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms. God bless you all! *^^*

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