Thursday, June 07, 2012

Blogging Fireflies

*Speechless* Look:

Lucidota atra I believe it is. 99% sure. I know it's definitely within the genus Lucidota. =)

5 years since I've last seen thee. What a wonderful day this was. I had an appointment uptown from my house and my friend went with me. There was the most beautiful park in that area (Central Park owns all though, obviously :P) and we went walking through it on our way there.

Epicness had ensued. She (my friend) had told me that this particular park  is always infested with fireflies and that she too hadn't seen them for a while.

I had put this information (along with how to get back up there for future escapades) in the back of my mind never once thinking that I might see a firefly at all. So we get our business done and wind up going around afterwards to some benches and getting some delicious Italian ices.

Got my hands all red and stick from the cherry-y goodness and had my friend laughing (did I mention that for some odd reason I was just happy the entire day?) at my silliness. XD Made reference to the fact that sweet sticky fingers = bugs come a flocking and sure enough the most beautiful firefly came out of nowhere to join us.

*Happy Happy Sigh* First in 5 years, first of the species too. Although I might have to correct myself because a couple of weeks back in May I believe I remember one or two outings where I saw 2 beetles flying through the city that I'm now more sure then ever were fireflies.

Possibly Photinus spp. One individual had yellow within the elytra. When the sunlight had glinted off it you could see it clear as day but I was crossing the street and obviously could not attempt to catch it. ID's: Pyractomena sp.? Guessing here. Wasn't able to see it clearly.

But I know a Lampyrid when I see one in flight. And these 2 individuals were screaming Lampyridae at the top of their precious lungs (spiracles in their case ^^).

Did I mention that I'm absolutely ecstatic? I couldn't stop smiling. My cheeks had started hurting and going numb. It was wonderful. I needed something like this. The entire day was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Lord.

The butterflies (Pieris rapae) have also left me questions after today's observations. There were so many flying throughout the city and all the beautiful mini gardens (the flowers were INSANE down here) it was wonderfully ridiculous. ^______________^ There was one that flew by me that definitely "earned" the name "butterfly"

It was off-white in color. Not "pure white" like your "regular" Pieris rapae. More like white-yellow? Idk how else to describe it but it lead me to wondering about subspecies (mainly), aberrations & different forms (seasonal or just "normal variation") within Pieris rapae.

So research will commence (with more blog entries possibly too you know how like to ramble ^^;;). Long time no see. *^^*

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