Monday, June 25, 2012

Moth Night #1

As all of you Lepidopteran junkies may or may not know in July they're having the first national moth week of the year where people from around the country (and the world, CYREN DO IT NOW!! :P) record/hunt for moths in their area an am guessing submit their findings to NMW (National Moth Week).

I, of course registered. But I must point out that at least for me Moth "week" had been more like Moth "year" over here as in as soon as it warmed up and the flowers started blooming and the first butterflies of the season started appearing the moths shortly followed.......

.........and simply exploded. There have been so many flying and turning up in the strangest and most unexpected places. There have been so many that I'm seriously considering of dipping into my savings and splurging on some well needed books but I'm going back and forth with that since said savings are for books that aren't easily obtained (they're EXPENSIVE) but I want these books before the year is out so I can properly use them while on my hunts.

Anyway so far I've seen these (around my house and the park):

Ostrinia nubilalis
Hypena scabra
Atteva punctella (FIRST ONE IN YEARS!! I've missed you) *Note now officially Atteva aurea according to Bugguide
Mythmna unipuncta
Unidentified Plusiinae
Unidentified Geometridae (Protoboarmia porcelaria was a contender until experts told me otherwise, will rant later)
Eupithecia spp.
Crocidophora spp.???
Unidentified Yponomeutidae *Researching as I type
Unidentified gray moth in grass
Pyrrharctia isabella
Unidentified White Moth (Geometridae??)

Anxiously awaiting the appearance of Halysidota harrisii. Come on my lovelies!! And now for pictures! These were all on my terrace tonight! ♥

Mythimna unipuncta. There were 4-5 of them flying around the lights. I caught and brought home 2 of them. ^^

Unidentified Yponomeutidae. Currently researching to see if I can narrow it down to at least genius.  Was on my shirt. Was very friendly. *^^*

I dare say to expect more ramblings. I have research to do. Toodles! =)

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