Monday, September 27, 2010


Disregard this....Idk. I've been through the wind mill lately. So that's why I haven't updated this wonderful blog of mine. I simply didn't have the energy.

I've been through alot. So all these posts mostly are fill ins understandably.


babbler said...

Brittanie, you have a wonderful blog! I looked at everything, your ant videos, the blue caterpillar, ect., I loved it all. I hope you come back to write soon so you know how much I liked your blog! Love, "Mrs. Slug" from Adventures of Mr. Slug and friends

David Garcia said...

Bugs disgust me, but i have to say those pics you've got made me curious about them. Keep them posts/pics coming!

Brittanie said...

Thank you! It means alot. I just got back from a sort of messed up 2 week "vacation" and I'm exhausted. *^^*

But I'll get on finishing for September and then I'll get on it for October. So much to do and so much to research!

Thankies to the both of you! ^_^