Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bronx Zoo Butterflies - White Peacock Anartia jatrophae

My only experience with these is at the Butterfly Exhibit. They're alot smaller then pictures imply. For years I thought they were medium sized like a Painted Lady. Nope. They're smaller then that. I think it's cute.

They're are other species in the genus Anartia and they look nothing like this one. They're just as pretty yes but you wouldn't think that they were in the same tribe ( Victorinini ) if it weren't for the wing shape being the same.

Mind boggling isn't it? What's even more mind boggling is Wikipedia:

The males of the species display a unique territorial behavior, in which they stake out a territory typically 15 meters in diameter that contains larval host plants.

They perch in this area and aggressively protect it from other insects and other male white peacocks.

After this statement it said "citation needed" What. The. Fuck.?! Why? Unless someone made it up I don't see why this needs citation.

However after doing a quick search to find anymore info and possibly confirmation on the above I found nothing. There doesn't seem to be anything on this butterfly other then Wikipedia.

So Idk......Where did they get the info from?

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