Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Minscule Series - Walnut & Ants With Cubes of Sugar

You missed this didn't you? You get 2 today:

Honestly I think it gets cuter and cuter with every episode!! Another video proving in reality how smart ants are. The only thing is in reality real ants wouldn't be able to lift a bachi ball....

.....let alone move it. ^_^ I love these videos.

LOL! No words......only.....*giggle* SO CUTE!! ^.^


Ants With Cubes of Sugar

Your welcome! Until next time!


Tampa Real Estate said...

Hi very amazing videos.I like this one.Ants teaching how we can organize a thing if we be together.Really awesome stuff...

Brittanie said...


Yes it is. Not only cute and adorable but educational too and that's important.

Glad you enjoyed it.