Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sleeping Bees?

Well as I was leaving the pool today I saw something rather interesting in the mini garden they have there. There were four bees clustered on a plant in a circle of sorts.

Now I've never seen such a thing so naturally I was wondering what they were doing. And now I'm pretty sure this is what they were doing. Cause first off the plant they were on was dead. Dead as a doorknob, as in there were no flowers no nothing.

I think I woke one up because I picked one of the seedpods off the plant to see if there was anything still inside it and the plant was dry it snapped like a gunshot when I picked one and one of the bees was startled and it flew off and was circling the plant before it landed and settled down again. So cute! ^.^

But that's what got me thinking that they were probably sleeping. I mean what else could they be doing you know? It was very interesting anyway.

As for what kind of bees they were....I can only guess. They were all black.

And very very cute. ^.^

Edit: They might be Melissodes desponsa.


4 bees ( possibly Melissodes desponsa )
1 picture wing fly
1 cucumber beetle ( Diabrotica undecimpunctata in my house)

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