Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Eyed Bug - Geocoris ugilinosus

I saw one today at the pool. Or at least I think it was this one it also might have been Geocoris atricolor too. Either way I saw a Big Eyed Bug Geocoris sp.

I love them. I think they're adorable. There doesn't seem to be info on them though, which is a shame because not only are they cute but they seem interesting. However this PDF mentions them being used to control Army worms....... I'm guessing that that's one of their foods as nymphs. Don't know about adults though as I haven't read the whole thing yet.

Scroll down to page three and start reading on the left hand side.

Bugs I Saw Today:

1 Big Eyed Bug - Geocoris sp. ( at pool )
1 dragonfly
5 flies ( different species blue bottles, green bottles, Tachinids )

Until next time folks!

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