Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bronx Zoo Butterfly Exhibit

So I finally went today.......*happy sigh*

They were so pretty!.......

I couldn't possibly list all of the ones I saw today but I can list the ones I know I saw:

1. Queens ( Danaus gillippus ) * A male landed on me BEAUTIFUL!

2. Julias ( Dryas iulia )

3. Monarchs ( Danaus plexippus ) * Saw 2 mating on the wall

4. Black Swallowtails ( Papilio polyxenes )

5. Giant Swallowtails ( Papilio cresphontes )

6. Cloudless Sulpher ( Phoebis sennae )

7. Orange-barred Sulpher ( Phoebis philea )

8. Zebra longwings ( Heliconius charitonius ) * Saw 2

9. Comma ( Polygonia comma )

10. Red-spotted Purple ( Limenitis astyanax ) * Got to hold it

11. White Peacock ( Anartia jatrophae )

12. Polydamas Swallowtail ( Battus polydamas )

I was hoping to see a Luna moth but they had said that once they let them out into the house they only last about three days. Does anyone else see something wrong with this? I most certainly do. Luna moths live about a week according to all of my books.

Maybe it's too hot for them in there? Idk but hopefully I'll get lucky next time I go and will be able to catch one there. And before you ask yes I have pics.

Did you honestly think I'd go to the Bronx Zoo and NOT be prepared? You must be high. We went and saw almost everything else after that except a few things. But we saw most of the bugs of course. I even got bonus creepy crawlies crawling about outside of exhibits! Spiders and a bee of some sort.

YAY! So so happy. Not to mention TIRED! I will try and get the pics up here ASAP.

For now Byeee! Happy 10th Anni BoA!! WE LOVE YOU!

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