Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have something to say on this. While black widows are extremely venomous and can be fatal they don't go out of their way to bite people. They only do so when they feel threatened. Secondly deaths are ( thankfully ) rare. Plus they're shy....awww ^.^

The worst you're likely to get if you're stupid enough to provoke one and get bitten is you'll get a very high fever, feel like shit, go to a doctor or whatever get the antidote and get better.

Of course symptoms are much more detailed but I don't feel good right now.

I'll explain them and provide linkies later ( expect an edit note containing info ).


Anonymous said...

Hello, I recently stumbled across your blog when I was looking up moths. I instantly fell in love with your blog and I love what you write about. Your pet snails are really cute! I'd love to have some! How big are they?

P.S. the video on the Black Widow Spider was really cool. From Kara xxx

Brittanie said...


I'm glad you like it. It means alot to me. As for my little friends they're about medium size. I've had jumbos before.

I'm working on getting a camera and I'll try getting pics on here.

Any specific moths you were looking for? I could try and help you find some info on them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brittanie,

I look forward to seeing some more pictures of your snails! :)

As for the moths, I saw a really cool looking, black and orange moth on my window, but I could only see the underside of him. At first I thought it was a Tiger moth because of the distinctive stripes on his underneath. But when I googled it there were few pictures of the underside of a Tiger moth, and the ones I managed to find looked nothing like the moth on my window!

It would be great if you could help me find out what species of moth it is, heres a little description of what it looks like...

His body is predominantely black with thin orangey red stipes on it.

He has a set of under wings as well as his main pair, but the underwings are about half the size.

Both sets of wings are greyey brown and white speckled.

Thanks alot. Kara x

p.s. I have been reading your old posts and I love the miniscule series, it makes me laugh out loud! How cool would it be if that really happened!

Brittanie said...

Well about your moth. I was thinking Underwings ( Catocala sp. ). Since there's unfortunately alot of moths with that coloring. Pictures if possible would help.

I was also going to say Haploa moths might be a possibility but since I don't know of any with gray coloring I think that rules out that one.

Third and last one I can think of for now unless there's pics is any of the clear wing moths. They mimic wasps and they do a very good job of it too.

Let me know if you can get a pic since that'll help big time.

I also found a moth in my house I would love to know the name of.

Don't think I will though but I'll keep looking.