Thursday, April 11, 2013

*Rant Alert* Neuroptera #1

Examples of 2 species of Nemopteridae (Neuroptera) Halter imperatrix & Chasmoptera sheppardi (which as of right now may or may not be synonyms).

It's 4:00 AM as I type this. XD For the past couple of days or so I've been researching them. Exactly what spurred this one (research binge) I haven't the slightest idea anymore but I've been re-falling in love with them due to said research. To sum it up, since it's late Neuroptera (Lacewings) have numerous families and of those families I absolutely adore the Nemopteridae, which I have just realized bear a resemblance to Himantopteridid moths (is this intentional or a coinicidence?) and Ascalaphidae......oh don't get me started on those.

I wish more then anything involving Neuroptera that we had Ascalaphids here. Never had the pleasure of personally observing them........only pictures (same goes with Nemopteridae). Speaking of which:

Nemoptera bipennis (Neuroptera: Nemopteridae) 

I kinda wanna briefly research even more on these wonderful insects but as I said it's late XD I MUST make time to do so later tomorrow. I did find some rather wonderful papers on them via. Wikipedia of all places (which has an insane amount of info, with references). I've been taking notes.

Only ones I've observed around here are Chrysopa/Chrysoperla spp. and the Brown Lacewings who's names I'm forgetting right now. Oh and then there's this:

Australian Ascalaphid........does anyone know what species? Will ask around. Any and all info/inputs are greatly welcomed and appreciated =)

Stay tuned for part 2 cause I must get some sleep and I can't think other then "OMG they're beautiful wheeeeeeee" :P

Nighty night!


Cyren said...

These are some of my favorite insects!!! I wish I'd seen more of them but I've only ever seen one truth be told.

NickMorgan said...

Those are amazing and completely new to me. Are those modified wings that trail behind them? I, too, would love to see them in the flesh.

Brittanie said...

@Cyren: Really? I have a video of a Chrysopa/Chrysoperla sp. which we get here like crazy.....especially last year and maybe the year before.

I'll post it to here in the next one ^^

@NickMorgan: Yes those are modified hindwings. Amazing no? I hope to one day get to see one but these aren't native to the Americas...(that I know of)

NickMorgan said...

I've just had a look on Wikipedia and see they come from Spain and Portugal. We often go there on holiday, so I will need to keep a look out for them.

Brittanie said...

@NickMorgan That's awesome!! I hope you find some! ^_^