Friday, April 19, 2013

Mystery Spider (Salticidae?)

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Found this in my room this morning..........they just continue to outdo themselves. I'm thinking it's a Salticid but other then that I have no idea. Will be submitting video stills to Bugguide for possible ID's.......if I'm lucky I could get atleast to genera. XD

Another (better quality/viewing):

Facebook takes away the quality of videos. -_- This was/is much clearer elsewhere. But at least you can have an idea of what he (I believe it's a male since the pedipalps are visible and longish) looks like.

First of many creepy crawlies to come out. The others were wasps (Polistes dominula & 1 HUGE unidentified one). But for the most part it's been "quiet". Lots of flowers though. The weather is absolutely off it's rocker. Not normal Spring weather at all.

I'd like it go back to normal so I can enjoy it and look for my lovely angels please. ^^ Until next time. I'm off to try and ID this little fella

Wish me luck!


Wong Chun Xing said...

I can't get a clear view of this spider but I am guessing it might be a Crab Spider (male).

Brittanie said...

That was my first choice before I also had to consider Salticidae as another possibility.

I'll be looking into this once again to see if I can find anything. Any ideas as to which species of Crab Spider you might think this might be?

Wong Chun Xing said...

Sorry, Crab Spider is as far as I can give.

Page golden Louisette said...

Interesting article over spider , best regard from belgium and my two golden retriever , have a nice fall week end.