Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mystery Swallowtail - Heraclides anchisiades

Heraclides anchisiades? 03-22-13

I'm more then certain that this is Heraclides anchisiades. For a while though I was researching various other similarly patterned swallowtails and giving myself rather "pleasant" headaches trying to figure out what this is.

My friend had thought it was Papilio rogeri pharneces and I was inclined to agree until my second visit where I looked in their book and saw Heraclides anchisiades listed in there and went home and did research. I found this that further told me that this is/was most likely H. anchisiades.

Of course this is all still open to speculation but I'm 99.9% sure this is H. anchisiades.......I'd like to know what subspecies if possible. I don't know if the pics/vids are clear enough to determine that but........^^;;

Another one.

Interesting huh?


Yao Hua Law said...

Dear Brittanie,

I stumbled upon your blog while searching for images of Geocoris species (big eyed bugs).

My colleagues and I are writing a review paper on Geocoris bugs, and would like to have some high resolution pictures of these bugs in the paper.

I noticed that you have pictures of Geocoris. Would you kindly permit us to include them in our review paper? Our review paper would be much more effective with some high resolution pictures of Geocoris species. Your contribution and ownership of the pictures will be acknowledged, of course.

Please contact me at

Keep up the awesome work with your insect blog :)

Brittanie said...


Thanks for dropping by. Those images I had found a long time ago during my own research so they're not mine but you could use them.

I could see if I can find some more for you and give you the contact info of the photographers if possible so you could ask them?

Also keep me posted on your research! I hope all goes well ^_^ Thanks again!!

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