Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wicked Bugs! >:)

Oh Ho~!Link

This. Is. Epic.! A special thanks to AOL for directing me to this epic trailer due to them featuring a brief article here. And then there's this too from which I read that epic excerpt from this book that's about to become apart of my collection of epic insect books.

LinkWicked Bugs is like an updated version of Nick Arnold's Ugly Bugs except it's not "kiddified" if you get my drift. Both are epic but Amy's is more of the "adult version" at least to me.

You can be sure that I'll get my copy ASAP. Because when one of America's best selling writers that doesn't write about insects starts know it's gonna be epic!

Props to Amy!! You've gained another fan. Can't wait to read it all!


Fresh Garden said...

Yes, me too! Yay!

Brittanie said...

YAY! *^^*