Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Onion Plant Bugs Labopidicola, Labopidea

So one of these decided to pay me a visit early this morning (06-01-11) and I went looking to see if I can pin it to an ID and came up with Labopidea, Labopodicola (what the difference is between the 2 I have no idea). Only difference with mine is that mine was a darker green then in the photos I found on Bugguide.

Of course there's a possibility (with Mirids it's hard because it's the largest Hemipteran genius) it was something else. What that something else is well.......it could be:

Orthotylus sp.
Ilnacorella sulcata, other green Ilnacorella?
Blepharidopterus sp.
Or this? Which hasn't been ID'd yet.....

Will continue looking for other possible candidates. There's also a nice PDF on them here.

You shall be updated!

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