Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BOTM: Silver-washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia)

Argynnis paphia F. valensina

These are on the cover of A World For Butterflies by Phil Schappert which I received on the 17th. It's a gorgeous book and I highly recommend it.

Now on to my ramblings about 2 very important things that I noticed:

1. There's quite a bit of info on Wikipedia but it's not cited with references or sources so I won't be posting anything from there on here. I will be linking it though.

2. From what I understand there seems to be 2 forms of the female....unless the 'F' stands for 'form' there's the regular orange color and this one (pictured) named valensina.

Upon searching for info elsewhere I found this.

Apparently Valesina is the name of the dark form of the females. Coolies!

A spectacular form of this butterfly, known as valesina, occurs in a small percentage of females, primarily in the larger colonies in the south of England, where the orange-brown colouring is replaced with a deep olive-green.

The legendary lepidopterist, Frederick William Frohawk, was so taken with this form, that he named his only daughter after it. This form is quite distinctive in flight, looking like an overgrown Ringlet, and has the common name of the “Greenish Silver-washed Fritillary”

- UK Butterflies

On a side note I'll be look at that site even further because it has pictures and videos of butterflies. For A. paphia it also lists the aberrations too.

Will be checking the site out further. Awesomeness.

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