Saturday, July 31, 2010


Digger Bee ( Melissodes sp. ) Male

So I went to the park today again and let's just say that bug wise it was insane ( in a good way of course )! Today was simply crawling with bugs.

I'm honestly very happy. I have to send out a big THANK YOU to all my little friends.


7 Cabbage whites
1 Red Admiral ( 22 so far this year )
2 Honey bees
TONS of Digger bees ( Melissodes sp. So cute!! )
2 mystery flies ( have to find out what they are )
3-4 dragonflies ( 1 at park 2-3 at pool )
1 mud dauber wasp ( ? I think it was a mud dauber....idk )
TONS of Halictid bees
1 giant carpenter bee ( at pool )

Also a little question. While I was observing the digger bees pollinating flowers I noticed alot of males were not only drinking the nectar but they had pollen baskets and they were covered in pollen! What's up with that?

I've never heard of such a thing. I'd like to know why and what role they play in all of this. Apparently the males have more to do in this species then that of your "typical bee" where they bang the queen and then die. XD

I will definitely look into that and get back to you that's for sure. So for now I'm going info hunting and whatever I find you will be notified about.

Until next time my pretties! Enjoy this one!

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