Friday, July 02, 2010

Convergent Ladybug - Hippodamia convergens

When I saved one from drowning in the pool I was utterly shocked at how tiny these things are. But they're fast. Once it was pretty much dried off ( it was still working on it's wings ) it was running around my hand like crazy.

Mine was more orange though. You'd be surprised at how variable these things can get. Not within color so much ( it's always between red and orange ) but with the spots.

Crazy I say. I found this out while browsing for photos of this little pretty "lady".

Hippodamia convergens, commonly known as the convergent lady beetle, is one of the most common lady beetles in North America and is found throughout the continent.

Oh really? If it's sooo common then why is this my first time seeing one? I might've seen one years ago but I really don't remember.

Honestly Harmonia axyridis is more common around here! Maybe that will change?

Hopefully as I really like these petite ladybugs. Although if my memory serves correct the Ash Grey Ladybug ( Olla v-nigrum ) could give it a run for it's money!

I remember seeing one a million years ago at camp.....that was the only time I saw one.

And it was tiny!

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