Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Flies Need To GTFO or DIE!

No I'm serious they need to go or this is war.....they don't want war I'm telling you.

So I've....We've been having a fly in they've gone fucking crazy and won't leave me alone. They were bothering me all day today as if I haven't got enough bothering me atm. Idk why or what's making them pick on me but it needs to stop.

I mean we've always have had the occasional fly but it was never like this. They've as I've said gone fucking crazy. How? Well......

* They keep getting in my face.....
*.......landing on me......
* Following me everywhere ( Paranoid? Hell no! )
* Interrupt me when I'm watching TV ( by flying all around it & the entire kitchen )

The only thing they so far haven't done is try and get in my food. They better not even think about it or I swear it'll be the last thing they ever do.

I'm not playing here as I've got 0% tolerance for something like this now.

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