Friday, May 21, 2010

Wasp Invasion

Ladies and gents

I have a wasp in my house....

And Idk what do to. I have always said that I NEVER wanted a wasp in this house and the bastards had to go and break the rule....

I should be thankful it's just one.

She's by the light in the hallway having a grand old time.

I think it's a mud dauber of some sort. That's the only thing I can think of. The only other wasp that even remotely fits the "discription" is a potter wasp of some sort. God I'm a mess. It's all black from what I can see ( don't see any stripes ) and it has a "waist". So it's one of the 2 ( potter or mud dauber ).

Now I hope that no bees get in here.....cause if that happens the bee isn't going to stick to the lights it's going to go wondering around the house.....

.....which means we're screwed. Hell I just realised that if we don't somehow get this wasp out of the house soon we're screwed anyway because I can't get into my room or the bathroom and my mom can't get into hers because all the doors are closed ( for good reasons ). I'm actually kinda scared now....

So here comes the age old question: What do I do? I've considered almost everything:

Plans To Get Rid of The Waspie:

Kill it without getting stung

♡ Somehow get it away from the light and smash it

♡ Somehow get it away from the light and spray it

♡ Let the heat eventually do it in?.....

Catch it without getting stung

♡ Somehow get it away from the light and catch it ( we just managed to do this but then I got stupid )

♡ Lord have mercy and DO NOT allow us ( mommy and me ) to get stung

So you can see our dilema on this? I'll get back to you. We're in the process of trying to get it out. I almost had it but as I said I got stupid ( scared is more like it ) and it got away. Truth be told I think I scared it trying to smash the SOB against the wall.

Idk wth I was thinking on that one. I'm very tired. I shall let you know when the wasp is out of the house one way or the other.

Honestly what's next? First butterflies, caterpillars, beetles, moths, and now wasps!

Byeeeeee ( for now )!

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