Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Fleahoppers Halticus bractatus

Funny how this picture makes this thing look cute......I mean it is cute but not when there hundreds.....maybe thousands all over you.....

I remember encountering these at camp a million years ago. The one in the photo is a female. Males have more developed wings. In other words the males have your "typical" Hemiptera wings. I remember at the time I recorded these as flea beetles....

Looks like I have to dig through my journals to find the one that mentions these. Oh boy. 18 years worth of journaling to go through. This is going to be fun. *Sarcasm*

So as I was saying I found these in this field at camp and they were pretty much EVERYWHERE. I said they are cute but not when they're thousands of them jumping all over you. It got be a little annoying after awhile.... XD

So for now I present you with a link to info. Please keep in mind that these are tiny.

Which is probably another reason why I mistook these for flea beetles.

Info: Bugguide

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