Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spoon - Winged Lace Wing - Chasmoptera hutti

I seriously love these. I just found out about them today and I'm going to go crazy looking for more info and hopefully more photos. This is all I could find atm:

Chasmoptera, with seven species, is confined to south-western Australia. Other genera of spoon-winged lacewings occur in Africa, southern Europe and South America. The common name (spoon-wings) alludes to the stalked hindwings with subapical expansions.

One species is still found in bushlands around Perth during November and December. Little is known about the behaviour and life-history of these odd insects. The hind wings of the species pictured measure up to 40 mm in length.


Stephanie Mohr said...

This insect is so graceful and elegant! Nice find.

Brittanie said...

Thanks! I was so shocked when I found this browsing the web.