Thursday, January 03, 2008


Found this really small brownish reddish beetle crawling on me in my room and I have no idea what kind it was nor do I have any clue as to where it came from.

On another note since we're talking about beetles I'd thought I'd mention that I found the following on Bugguide:

Golden Net-winged Beetle - Dictyopterus aurora

Other Common Names: Red Net-winged Beetle

Explanation Of Names: Specific name aurora refers to the Roman Goddess of the Dawn, no doubt referring to the color of the beetle.

Size: 6-11 mm

Identification: Small bright red/orange beetle with pleated elytra and prominent pronotum. Active in early spring in woodlands.

Range: Much of North America, also Europe.

Habitat: Woodlands with decaying logs.

The rest including this and additional photos can be found here. No copyright infringement intended.

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