Friday, January 18, 2008

Green Burrowing Bee - Ctenocolletes smaragdinus

This glorious metallic green species is much larger than a honeybee. It is one of 12 species of its genus and, like most of them, is confined to W.A. It is found in heathlands of the southern wheatbelt and southern goldfields and flies during the spring flowering season. It nests solitarily and its nest entrances are very inconspicuous.

I love the color on these!


Anonymous said...

I saw a large bunch of these Green Burrowing Bees at a park in Forestville, CA. We were surprised to see them digging in the sand. Can anybody comment on whether they sting? And how aggressive they are?

Brittanie said...

That must've been a sight to see. I'm not sure if they do sting but I have a feeling they might.

I'll look for more stuff on them.