Friday, September 16, 2011


Apis mellifera scutellata I'd forgotten I had this. ^^;;

I think I might have seen 20 + this year! I had kinda lost track of them because I've been so busy with things but thinking on it now it's somewhat of a miracle for them this year. I can only hope next year I'll see even more.

When I'm not so tired I'll think back on it even more and see if I can estimate how many I've seen this year.

Cabbage whites, Bumble bees, 1 hoverfly, 1 Microcentrum rhombifolium About 5 Honey bees pollinating Crape Myrtle, & 1-2 elsewhere 1 at pool.
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↑ This was for today. Finding these shocked me to no end and made me so happy. God bless you Apis mellifera!

Also to be more specific the one at the pool was in the mini garden along with Bombus impatiens. ^^;;

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