Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bzzzzzzzzz Busy!

Do not fret I'm still alive. Working on filling in post for this month and finishing up the 2 and half left for August. October 8th the NHM Butterfly Exhibit opens and I'm going to that sooner or later.....preferably on opening day Idk.....I have to figure out car fare. ^^

Then the epicness shall ensue. In other words my plans are to eventually and hopefully:

1. Get Actias luna from Carolina Science
2. Get extra and necessary bug catching equipment (E.g. Nets, butterfly houses, jars, etc.)
3. Figure out my camera issues ASAP (yes I finally have one)
4. Get other members of Lepidoptera in this house when available (Actias, Polyphemus, Papilio, Vanessa, etc)
5. Hermit Crabs (I don't need to say anymore on this)
6. Praying Mantises? (Must order colonies of wingless Drosophila melanogaster first...) Hmmm

Oh and most importantly! KILL CIMEX LECTULARIUS! >:) I've got them now. *Evil laughter*

See you soon! Love you loads!


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