Monday, September 26, 2011

Hermit Crabs

As you know one of my plans is to get hermies again. From exactly where Idk. I'm either going with Carolina Science or a pet store.

And I had forgotten to mention I had dreamt about my little pinchy friends:

Dreamt about getting blue hermit crabs from Carolina science.....I wonder what that was about? Blue land hermit crabs?! Violas perhaps? 대박!
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Had changed my twitter background recently. *^^* Have to go edit the other blog posts again. Won't have to do this again for while since I really like this one and plan on keeping it for a good while (and using it again of course).

And FYI they do have blue/purple hermies. Various species.....although most I believe would be aquatic. Violas are the only Land hermies I know of with such coloration.


Enough of my rambling! Gotta run! ^_______^

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