Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I'm proud to say I witnessed this. ♥

There were dozens and dozens out twirling around each other so elegantly. I thought nothing of it at first as I thought it was just your typical territorial dance between 2 males. But then there were more doing that same dance and I had to wonder what exactly was going on here?

So I continued to observe them and when I saw some mating that's when I knew what was going on. I got sentimental over it all as I've never had the pleasure/honor of witnessing something so beautiful. I'm extremely thankful. A further more detailed explanation (a.k.a Excited, slightly immature rambling) of it all can be found here.

I also got to hold a Painted Lady. 0_0 I don't need to say anymore on how EPIC this was other then it was flying around the water fountain by the baseball field and it practically walked onto my hand (I had bent down when it landed to see if I could get it on me)! I got to hold it twice.

*Happy happy sigh* I was in great need of this. Thank you & God bless you Lepidoptera.


Anonymous said...
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Beatrice said...

Love your photo, great job. :)