Thursday, June 30, 2011


So much epicness! Really tired so I'm just gonna list them all and ramble later:

Cabbage whites
TWO Tiger Swallowtails OMG!
1 Silver Spotted Skipper
2 Lopidea sp. (One landed on me)
2 Eastern Commas
1 American Hoverfly?
Clear Wing Moth!! (Hemaris diffinis or H. thysbe?) Oh. My. God.!
American Bumble bees (Males everywhere on Buckeye bush)
Carpenter bees
1 Honey bee
Hover Fly (Brown not sure of the sp.) *Thinking Pseudodoris clavatis it's very variable
Thrips or beetle larvae in a Datura (?) flower
Spring Azure
Male Mosquitoe or Midge
And a lacewing on my terrace window....♥ Epic!

I'll ramble properly about all of this later. Also the "Great Carpenter Bee Mystery" has been pretty much solved after my observations today. My suspicions about the whole thing have been right all along. Smh........*Major facepalm* There were lots of bees today. My somewhat mystery digger bees, some of which might be mining or plaster bees.

Not too entirely sure. And I won't be unless I catch one (impossible) so the only other option is to get photos (possible since there was one today that was very friendly & photogenic). Not to mention the second tiger swallowtail I saw today was very photogenic and friendly but it wouldn't let me hold it. >_<

Hehehe. That's fine. Someday though...........I hope. *^^* Enjoyed seeing all these and a proper rambling shall occur later since I know someone's wondering what the "Great Carpenter Bee Mystery" is.

And I'll tell you later! ^_______^


Susan said...

Love your blog! You must live in a city. I live in the country in NH and leave my light on outside at night to see who lands. We get lots of little moths, Lunas, and last week, a Cecropia! I photograph the unusual ones. Keep searching!

Brittanie said...

Oh~~~~~my goodness I love Lunas! I remember finding a polyphemus moth a couple of years ago upstate. Absolutely gorgeous. That was the only member of Saturniidae that I've seen since. My goal is to one day see a luna moth because I've never had the pleasure or honor.

In the next few days I plan on getting a camera because my little friends need their pictures taken! *^^*

Susan said...

I think the Lunas are done here for this spring. They come in June. I have lots of Milkweed and am looking forward to the Monarch butterfly caterpillars that eat them. It's bee a few years since I've found their chrysalises, though.
And the Fireflies have been gorgeous!

OH! The dead moth someone found here at work is a Polyphemus! Thank you! I was asked yesterday what it was and I didn't know.

Brittanie said...

Oh~ That's awesome! Last year I've seen quite a few monarchs......I wonder how many I'll see this year? Although the Red Admirals won last year. SO MANY of them!

And your welcome! How'd you go about ID'ing your polyphemus? And I do live in the city (NYC)! How'd you know?

We get tons of goodies here though. You just have to know where to look. =)

AllSafe said...

I love the enthusiasm. Passion for insects will never leave you at a loss for more discovery.

Susan said...
I took this picture of a hummingbird moth last year on my milkweed. Just saw another yesterday. Waiting now for Monarchs to come lay their eggs.

Brittanie said...

Susan: Where'd the picture go? It says content not found unfortunately. =( Would love to see it.

Susan said...

I'm going to send you a friend request on Facebook so it'll be easier to send pictures. I have a big flower garden (I went a bit overboard)and have lots of bees and butterflies. When I have something unusual, I grab my camera! I usually identify bugs on the internet--the only bug book I have is a paperback printed in 1964!!!

Brittanie said...

Got your friend request and am looking forward to the pictures. =) I saw a monarch a couple of days ago at the pool. Epic.

And what camera do you use? I know nothing of cameras but I'm not looking for anything fancy or "bulky" or insanely expensive. Just want one that takes decent pics of our little friends and I can share them with all the buggy communities. *^^*