Friday, January 14, 2011



I will never understand how people manage to get photos like this. It's either luck or extreme skill or a bit of both. I for one can't wait until I get my hands on a camera.

I'm not talking about the professional ones but a decent one. That takes really good pictures and you can put them online.

Why? Well because there are so many treasures around my house and I'm dying to share them with you all. Morning Side Park alone has a shitload of treasures. Last year was a perfect example because I found a Tiger Swallowtail on a button bush. Came out of nowhere. We NEVER get them over here.

Not to mention 20 some odd Red Admirals, Cloudless Sulphers, Eastern Tailed Blues, Silver Spotted Skippers, shitloads of flowers.....God damn it I want them now. *^^*

But it won't be long now. Hellebores are already out.....*shocking* But when they really start coming out (Late March- Onward) I'll be ready. Oh yes I'll be ready and waiting.

Bring it on! ^_______^

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