Monday, January 03, 2011

Papilio torquatus Entry 1

Female P. torquatus? Or is it hiding something......???

Oh yes there will be another entry on these butterflies. But for now this is just a rant of sorts on a discovery. I'm just ranting theories. I had done some searching on Papilio torquatus earlier today and I wanted to find out more (there isn't anything on them apparently).

What I did find is a site with pictures of the butterfly along with this one in the photos stating that it was a female.......0_0

I don't think so. Unless........leading to this theory I have of they're possibly being....

Sexually Dismorphic Papilionidae

Now there are sexually dismorphic species of butterflies but none of them are Papilionids to my knowledge. In other words Swallowtails. If this is true then this is extreme. As in it looks nothing like the supposed male. Mind boggling.

Head's feeling weird now from thinking on it all. I'll go ask a friend who would most likely know the answer and get back to you. The butterfly in the photo reminds me of cattlehearts and other similarly colored/patterned species.

I smell foul play. But like I say "Never assume anything about the insect world. You'll be proven wrong 99% of the time".

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