Friday, January 07, 2011


In Asia they do some pretty crazy stuff with insects besides eating them. :P

Like in Japan they had this "Coleoptera Cock fight" with Herculese beetles and the like by putting different species from all over the world against each other to see which one will win.

Crazy I know but it's entertaining and very surprising.


Sorry it isn't subbed. If I find a subbed version I'll post it.

Priceless. I love this.

Some of these are simply amazing and others will leave you with your jaw on the ground asking "How is this possible?!" Others will make you laugh. XD

Not going to'll just have to watch and find out. *^^*


alex said...

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naruto cosplay said...

Eating insects is really hard to imagine that.

Brittanie said...

@Naruto Cosplay I know. XD I can't imagine eating them either!