Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hestina assimilis

The Red Ring Skirt ( Hestina assimilis ) is the mystery butterfly I told you about some time ago. I just found what it is and lots of photos of it including some info! YAY! I found the following info on wikipedia and I will post more if there is more out there which I believe there is.

From Wikipedia:

Hestina assimilis, the Red Wing Skirt is a species of Nymphalid butterfly found in Asia. It is a large butterfly. The male is strongly territorial, always staying in high positions to defend it's territory.

And here is some info with pics of the larvæ, pupa, and adult:


Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Raito. I'm doing some research for a story which includes the following butterflys:

Hestina assimilis
Sasakia charonda
Kaniska canace
Parantica xuthus
Caropsilia pomona
Vindula erota
Auzakia danaua
Papilio maacki

I haven't really been able to find some good info on them, like territorial habits, traits, color. If you have any info on them, I would greatly appreciate you telling me. Contact me at Thanks so much.

Brittanie said...


Thanks for telling me. Well you got one of them and I'll see what I can find for the rest of them.

And I'll also post what I find for my own sake since I love finding out about new butterfly species.

Thanks for dropping by!