Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eastern Tailed Blue Cupido comyntas


One of 2 species in this genus in North America. 2 subspecies listed. comyntas, texanus.


23-28 mm wingspan in United States 16-26 mm in Canada.


Throughout most of the United States and southern Canada; abundant in the east. Uncommon to rare over most of its Canadian range; common only in southern Ontario.


Adult: Male's wings above are iridescent pale blue with brownish-gray along the outer margin. Forewings have a short oblique black bar near the middle. The hindwings have a row of submarginal black spots and a small orange spot at the base of each projecting tail. The female's wings are larger with longer tails, gray above on the body and wings with 2 or 3 small orange spots with black dots mear the margin of the hindwings. Wings of both sexes below have silvery gray with small dark spots and a few orange spots near the margin of the hindwings.

Larva: The body is hairy, variably dark pebbly green or various shades of brown with darker brown middorsal stripes, dark oblique stripes, and a white lateral line. The head is small and black.

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