Saturday, March 02, 2013

NHM Butterflies: Chilasa clytia

Chilasa clytia f. clytia 03-01-13

Was mistaken for a Euploea sp. Once again I'm amazed at mimicry and how utterly convincing it is even to us humans. First of Chilasa clytia is a swallowtail.........

.......secondly and perhaps most obviously they mimic the Danaid butterflies of the genus Euploea and had successfully fooled me into thinking it was a distasteful Euploea. Bravo on job well done. =) Thirdly according H. L. Lewis Chilasa clytia has 2 distinct color forms named dissimilis (light) and clytia (dark).

And also I need to revise my list as I believe that at the time I had listed this lovely angel as an unidentified Euploea sp. because I didn't recognize it. No wonder......

I cannot get enough of them......nope. Never ending treasure.......♥


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