Friday, March 01, 2013

Lepidopteran Birthday Bash

Rothschildia lebeau 03-01-13


Best. Birthday. Ever.

To spend the entire day with the things and people you love most..........♥ Friends gave me money to go to the museum and epicness ensued. I hadn't been there in so long because life is busy (even more so now) so to have this "escape" was wonderful.

To make it even more epic Allison (one of the staff) gave me 2 extra voucher tickets to come back within the month. *.* I owe them everything.

Now onto the fun!


Besides the fact that they were everywhere and all over me? ^^* One of the first ones I saw when I went inside was the Rothschildia lebeau which was at first hiding/resting among the Pentas and looking absolutely gorgeous. A little worn but stunning nonetheless.

Before I went in I had spotted what I now believe to be a Graphium antheus through the window:

Can you see it? I know it's not very clear ^^;;;;;;

And had spotted it again 2 other times but was not able to get better pictures/videos of it. I'll edit this one and see if I can make it easier to see later.

New Additions:

1. Swordtail (Graphium antheus)
2. Euploea sp. *First time seeing one.....and it isn't one I recognize.
3. Mystery "Blue Tiger" butterfly
4. Small Owl (Opsiphanes tamarindi)
5. Clearwing (Epscada mira)
6. Hybrid Heliconiid #1 *Cross between H. cydno and H. melpomene or H. erato perhaps?
7. Hybrid Heliconiide #2
8. Adelpha spp.
9. Papilio ophidicephelus
10. Gray Pansy (Junonia atlites)
11. Parides sp.
12. Mystery leafwing (orange)
13. Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) *New to the exhibit not to me as we get these in HOARDS here :P

Got to see the gorgeous Rothschildia lebeau in flight........ *.* No words......none. Speechless....... Opsiphanes tamarindi's eyes are amazing......observed one sitting on a leaf imbibing water or something. Very laid back. Allowed me to poke my camera into it's lovely face....with those eyes that seem to follow you. ^^

More piccies:

Hybrid Heliconiid #1

I'll have to consult Mr. Jiggins on what this one might be exactly but.......^^;;;; This is the only angle of it I could get it at. I tried getting it where you could see the upperside but the little sucker was up too high and in such a position/angle that made it impossible to do so.

But I tried my best. I have one more shot of it from at a distance that I think show a part of the upperside but I'll have to see. If I'm lucky enough it might be enough to get at least an idea of what this lovely angel is.

Papilio ophidicephelus?

Staff had taken this picture for me as I wasn 't able to do so obviously ^^ Had landed on my bag. Am question the ID a bit. The patterns were different from the other P. ophidicephelus I had observed so Idk if they're sexually dimorphic in anyway or if this is an aberration or subspecies..........or a completely different species.

Beautiful swallowtails though. Was mistaken for Papilio demoleus at first in flight. There were several of these. As I mentioned before museum staff (Allison) had given me 2 extra tickets to come back within the month (you know damn well I'll be there) and I next plan to go see the movie they have out.......Flight of The Butterflies..........ɛïɜ

More to come! I had a beautiful day.......... I thank everyone responsible for making it so. God bless you all!


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