Thursday, July 28, 2011

BOTM: Hemaris thysbe

I'm in awe of these things. They're amazing bee mimics!

Three........after the 26th I've seen three of these in my lifetime. The very first time was at "Insectopia" at Camp Huntington (damn it I miss you!) back in that was about 9 years ago.......0_0 2nd and 3rd time was obviously at my beloved park.

The first one I saw at the park might have been Hemaris deffinis since this one looked like a bumble bee from what I could see and H. deffinis mimics bumble bees. H. thysbe I think is just "Bees in general" I don't think they're targeting any specific bees but I could be wrong. I have to look into that more. Regardless of what the first one was it was still a Hemaris species so it counts. :P

The latest one I observed now that I think on it had a very "happy flight" to it as in if it could smile while was flitting from flower to flower feeding nectar and "dodging" me trying to get a better look at it it would. ^___^

Idk.....maybe it's just me but that's how I see it. Absolutely gorgeous beings. I love them. And now on zeh infos!

This is a very nice article on them indeed. Wikipedia surprisingly doesn't have much on them. -_- Disappointing. But I'll be searching for additional info elsewhere.

Expect an edit. I will also get around to an entry for H. deffinis too.

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