Sunday, June 06, 2010

Water Measurers - Hydrometridae

Well when I tried to find out more on these it was difficult because I was aiming for any individual species. Turns out there's hardly anything on them.

Why? I have no clue. But there is a bit on water measurers in general. For now I guess I'll have to stick with that but I'll have a poke around Bugguide and see if there's any interesting info tied to a specific species. There must be because I have questions.

I mean how do they reproduce? Being that they're Hemipterans/Homopterans how and where do they molt? What are the details on their life cycle as a whole?

I mean all these questions and no answers? Same goes with every other insect that makes it's living on the water's surface. If they're known to science surely there must be something on them other them what Wikipedia provides?

Add the fact that Wikipedia isn't always reliable I'd like to hear about them from multiple sources but..... Until then I'll just go with what we know.

But I will keep looking for anything else that pops up.

Linky! Keep in mind this is water measurers in general.

Also this is interesting as it mentions 2 species of water measurer Hydrometra stagnorum and H. gracilenta which is endangered.

And since I just discovered this site I'll have a poke around there.

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